Briteskills wants you to earn money by sharing your skills

It is an online marketplace that allows anyone to learn unique skills anywhere, anytime from anyone who is willing to teach. We seek to enhance skill sharing by allowing interested learners to locate appropriate tutors for particular skill that they want to learn, pay and attend the classes. Ultimately people earn money by sharing their skills.

The idea came about in November 2011, but the first prototype was completed by the end of January. We introduced the product to the market in mid-February (Feb 23rd) with a goal to get user feedback which we would integrate into the next development phase.


What is the pain/problem we are solving?
We always want to improve our knowledge or social status by acquiring new unique skills, but most often we can’t find skilled people who can guide us.


Who is eligible to teach?
Are you an expert in a skill e.g. marketing, baking, swimming, investment coaching? If so, then you are eligible to create a profile and start teaching others and they pay you. We believe everyone is an expert in something.


Where do the lessons take place?
Lessons take place live online, as well as recorded videos.


Which lessons/skills are taught?
Anyone is free to teach any skill. The lessons are determined by the teachers who teach them. However, we have to verify that the lessons meet required standards before they are taught to the public.


How much does it cost to register on Briteskills?
Registration on Briteskills is free for all teachers and students. However, to attend a lesson you are required to pay the fees charged by the teachers for respective lessons. A 30% fee is charged on all successfully paid fees.


How do I benefit by using Briteskills
• You earn money by sharing your unique skills at your own prices.
• As a learner you learn what you need just from the best tutors, anytime and anywhere, improve your skills, social status and earn more money by getting better jobs.


How do I pay to attend a lesson?
If a lesson has a price tag, you have pay via mobile payment e.g., M-Pesa, Airtel Money and VISA. A confirmation will be sent to your email and phone.


As a tutor how do I get my money?
When students pay up, we collect the money on your behalf and reimburse it to you via the mobile payment platform of your choice(M-Pesa, Airtel Money) or to your Paypal account.


How do I get involved?
You can join and share your knowledge and earn money, or you can login and find some interesting lessons that can improve your skills.