Meet Samuel Gichuru – NaiLab Co-founder

Our very own Samuel Gichuru, is one of the founders of NaiLab. He has years of experience in the IT field starting as a sales/customer service executive. As an entrepreneur, Sam tried different trades and as many entrepreneurs he succeed in some, out grew others and fail miserably in others. All these formed sound bases that have taught him the Dos and Don’ts in business. This makes him a seasoned entrepreneur, coach and mentor for our incubatees.

Sam is the modern day manager you never know what to expect from him, yes, he is random like that, but one thing is for sure. He always delivers and attains whatever he sets his mind on. What drives Sam? Challenges give him that adrenaline rush, be it solving complex problems or his recent fascination with  the Rubik’s cube. In this own words, ‘most times if its not challenging its not worth doing’.