Meet Ukall: providing HR Solutions for organisations that employ a large workforce

Ukall Limited is an ICT player providing tailor made process automation.

Ukall was incorporated in early 2011 by Catherine Kiguru, a local techpreneur, and an English Chartered Accountant, who has extensive international commercial, financial and technical experience in multi-national businesses located in the African continent.

Services include systems analysis & design, web design & networking.

The main products of Ukall are Upay, Upay Outsource, and Uguard.

Upay is a system that integrates the HR and Payroll segments of an organization. Upay is user friendly, secure & cost-effective. It can process over 5000 employee records in under 60 seconds.

Upay Outsource is a service provided to clients who opt to have their payroll function managed by an independent party. This reduces internal fraud, ensures regulatory compliance & allows the client to focus on their core activities.

Uguard is a mobile phone application which focuses mainly on the security industry. Its main functionality is the verification of guards’ attendance and alertness at the clients’ premises.

Ukall Limited is currently based at the Nailab, a Nairobi based incubation centre for local innovators. Nailab has assisted Ukall by providing office accommodation and support services including mentorship, business management skills, product commercialization and international expertise through Accenture & 1% Club.

Team members include Peter Kiprop (systems analysis & development/hardware engineering), Francis Omondi (software development), Irene Warui (software development/network administration) & Tim Ekiru (software development, graphics & web design).

Their experience working with Ukall has been rewarding. “Kenya has a nucleus of motivated & talented techpreneurs” says Irene. “Nailab believes in us and their support is invaluable” adds Kate.

Ukall’s vision is to be recognized as a strategic partner in global technology.