1% Event Nairobi is Here Again!

The 1% Event is a pretty big deal at the Nailab, as it something dear to our biggest partner, the 1% Club.What is the 1% Club, you ask? The 1% Club(www.onepercentclub.com) is a crowd funding platform that connects people with good ideas, to people willing to donate 1% of their time, money and expertise to the good ideas.

The 1% Event is all about Co-creation which means working on selected 1% projects with an aim of coming up with solutions to various challenges in their projects.

At this year’s event, we are co-creating with 8 countries-Netherlands, Cameroon, South Africa, Palestine, Tunisia, Indonesia and Somaliland.  What this means is that each of these countries submit a case to be worked on by another country’s team, to come up with the best possible solution.  Last year, the Nailab worked on a case from the Netherlands. This year, we’ll work on a case from Palestine, and it’s bound to be an exciting one. On top of that case, we will also work on other 1% projects cases that have been identified and selected from the 1% platform.


If you haven’t signed up, there’s still time….http://www.onepercentevent.com/