Social Media Monitoring

Social networks are increasingly becoming part of our daily life and routine by the minute. The number of people joining social networks is also rapidly increasing. The time spent in social networks is also on the rise, and so is the amount of data and information shared.


Individuals are using social media to keep in touch with friends; celebrities use it to engage their fans, politicians to win supporters, and corporates to promote their brands.


The Need


With all this communication, interaction, engagement, and sharing of information, the need by individuals, politicians and political parties, and corporates and brands to systematically observe and analyze social contribution and dialogues from forums, blogs, social communities, and micro-blogging platforms to gather insight. This is social media monitoring and unlike social media analysis, it is a continuous process.


What is being looked for in social media monitoring?


1.       Share of Voice: This is the number of mentions that a brand compared to competing brands on the social media.


Why it is important: This is a good indicator of how customers are aware of your brand in comparison to your competitor through the volume of social media conversation your brand has earned.


2.       Brand volume: The total number of mentions over a period.


Why it is important: This is an indication of whether the campaign is growing or not. Measuring the brand volume week over week and month over month can measure the overall health of a brand’s social presence.


3.       Engagement: The number of times users talk to your brand on social media.


Why it is important: This is an indicator of how likely users are to be loyal to your brand, become influencers for your brand and evangelize about it.


4.       Sentiments analysis: Determining how people who talk about your brand really feel about what you say, services, products or reputation.


Why it is important: This can help know where to fix your products, services, or activities to make your customers/followers happy.


5.       Key influencer mentions: The number of mentions by social media users who a corporate/individual has designated as an “influencer” to their brand.


Why it is important: Brand influencers are brand ambassadors, are a powerful way, and are valuable because they have a more influence with your target communities.


6.       Platform Reach: The number of social media platforms and networks that a brand appears.


Why it is important: Useful in determining the audience reach and demographics of the audience of your brand on the social platform.


These are the important metrics that corporates and brand managers are looking for from the social platforms to fine tune their social marketing strategies and efforts into money and also monitor their reputation, build customer loyalty and public relations in general.