DUMA: “She Will Innovate” Competition Winners

Three weeks ago, DUMA, one of the Nailab’s newly incubated startups, was announced as one of the three winners of the “She Will Innovate” Competition by Intel & Ashoka Changemakers. DUMA walked away with USD 10,000 in prize money…not bad, huh?

“She Will Innovate” focuses on empowering girls and women specifically and awards “the most innovative early stage initiative that shows great potential for social impact and sustainability”.

DUMA’s executive management is comprised of co-founders Arielle Sandor and Christine Blauvelt and Chief Technology Officer Eric Kuto, all Princeton University graduates. Eric is a Kenyan from Iten, whose contribution has been instrumental in building this startup. DUMA has also recruited a sales & marketing team consisting of locals, who have helped them tweak their product to suit local needs.

So what is DUMA?

DUMA is an SMS-based service that connects qualified workers with employers looking to hire. They match based on social network, skills, and geographic location. DUMA’s mission is to save employers time and to guarantee security, while giving workers access to a robust hiring network to increase their income.

DUMA aims to make word-of-mouth hiring easier by systematizing the process. They offer employers information about skilled workers nearby who they know through a friend, or maybe the friend of a friend. They also offer a post-job rating system so workers can be held accountable for the quality of their performance.

DUMA offers workers valuable connections to employers in their area through a personalized job matching system. They highly value customer service, so they only send 3 workers to each employer at a time. The worker therefore has a 1 in 3 chance of getting the job that he or she is matched to, and the employer does not have to sift through hundreds of CVs. What happens if the employer doesn’t like the worker? No problem, they have a wait list of workers ready to be called in.

DUMA trumps job boards because you are not one of the million people who have received access to this job. DUMA trumps other SMS-based job platforms because it integrates your social network with your location to give you real-time traffic alerts…job traffic that is.

Furthermore, they even throw in a professional CV builder that will auto-format your qualifications and information…for free! DUMA wants to see to it that everyone in Kenya can apply for any job they want, without worrying about painstakingly writing out and formatting their CV.

They are currently working on their pilot and launch, focusing on Nakuru as their initial market. Check it out and sign up by visiting www.DumaWorks.com or sending an SMS to +254 701 060 302.