Legal Meets Tech Meetup

Following the local and international press releases (24th January 2012) announcing the $1.6 million contract awarded to the Nailab for the implementation of the National Tech Business Incubator pilot project, the Nailab has wasted no time in engaging the tech community in Nairobi.

The Nailab has opened up its facilities to host an open forum for tech startups and members of the legal fraternity to engage with each other on legal issues that affect startups. Conversations with entrepreneurs (both successful & new startups), investors and other interested parties in the field have proved that startups are adversely affected by lack of sound legal advice or affordable access to the same.

This meet-up will seek to mitigate such issues by providing an equal platform for both parties to engage and for the legal minds to provide assistance in issues such as:

• Intellectual Property,
• Business Registration (who to register as, when to register, associated registration costs etc)
• Investor relations- equity, valuation, venture capital financing, angel investors
• Legal documents e.g term sheets & shareholders agreements
• How to make legal advice affordable to tech startups

This meet-up will be held on 1st February 2013 at the Nailab, 4th Floor of Bishop Magua Center, Ngong Road, between10am-12pm.