Nailab Takes the 1st Hackathon to Mombasa



Nairobi… 10th September 2013, Nailab is taking the inaugural Mombasa hackathon to the tech community in the Coast region on September 20th and 21st. Dubbed “Incubation without borders” the event, which is in partnership with JKUAT Mombasa and the ICT Authority, will bring together the tech enthusiast from the coast region and will help the innovators creatively build on existing ideas and also encourage building of new ideas out of nothing and tackling the problems that just need fixing to create fun and revolutionary products.

“As we roll out the incubation program through out the country, with the support of the ICT Authority, we are keen to engage tech-prenuers to understand the different challenges they are facing in their localities to ensure that the program will work specifically to mitigate this challenges and ensure that our tech prenuers are well prepared for the market,” says Sam Gichuru, Nailab CEO.

The incubation program roll out will enhance a culture of entrepreneurship through out the country and ensure that the youth become job creators and not job seekers.

Victor Kyalo, Acting CEO, ICT Authority says, “In order to ensure that the Kenya vision 2030 is achieved through technology, we have to empower the youth who are the key drivers of the economy and todays leaders.”

The authority has been keen on enabling Kenyans to adopt and exploit ICT through promotion of partnerships and investments and this year gave a $1.6 million grant to the incubator to create a Tech Business Incubation program that supports Kenyan start-ups through out the country.

This is the first of many engagements that the Nailab, Kenya’s leading tech incubator, hopes to roll out in a bid to encourage entrepreneurship in the tech community and grow the ICT sector in the country.

Mr. Gichuru acknowledges “As the Nailab, we are glad that we have received great responses on the initiative from the Institutions of higher learning who are keen on having the incubation programs in their institutions. This will help sink the spirit of entrepreneurship among our graduate student body and create an empowered working source.”

The Nailab, which last year enrolled a total of 10 start-ups for the October 2012- 2013 program, is currently in the process of recruiting the November 2013- 2014 batch of start-ups and will this year increase its enrollment number up from last year’s 10 groups to 20 start-ups. Registration is ongoing via

About Nailab

Nailab (Nairobi Incubation Lab), a startup accelerator launched in 2011, offers an entrepreneurship program focusing on growing innovative technology driven ideas. This is
done through providing business advice, technical training and support, professional mentoring and coaching, giving access to market and fostering strategic partnerships as well as linking them to investors. The incubator has so far transformed the lives of over 100 youth, in the country, through entrepreneurial mentorship and training.

About ICT Authority

The Information and Communication Technology Authority is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology. The parastatal established in August 2013 comprises three former bodies- Kenya ICT Board, Directorate of e-government and Government IT Services. It’s functions  include that of Facilitating and regulating the design, implementation and use of ICTs in the public service; Promoting ICT literacy and capacity as well as e-Government services. Others are to facilitate optimal electronic, electronic form, electronic record and equipment use in public service; promote ICT Innovation and enterprise; facilitate the establishment, development and maintenance of secure ICT infrastructure and systems; and supervise the design, development and implementation of critical ICT Projects across the Public Service.