Season 3 Demo Day

In November 2013, season three of Nailab’s startups was admitted under an new partnership with the World Bank Group, Kenya ICT Authority and Nailab Accelerator Limited. The six startups under this season are:

  1. Sokotext Limited
  2. Cladlight Limited
  3. Gokibali Limited
  4. Kejahunt Limited
  5. Swapkitabu Limited
  6. Gigwapi Limited

Under this program, six startups have developed products and solutions that will revolutionize the way we approach some critical aspects in business, governance and social enterprise, community and entertainment. Besides building the solutions under the incubation’s technical and financial assistance, the founders and staffs under the various early stage companies have undergone important training, coaching, mentoring programs that prepare them to scale their innovation and inventions on a global scale.

This Friday, 28th of February 2014 (12:30 PM – 5 PM), the startups will showcase their solutions in a session dubbed ‘Demo Day’ to policy agencies in government, goto market partners, target consumers and customers, investors and possible growth partners for their graduating entities. The event will feature presentations, pitches and demonstration of how their solutions work to those in attendance.

At Nailab, we are proud of the marvelous progress the teams have managed to put together under our programs and we look forward to creating an enabling environment that inspires and stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship. In the next 24 months, we envisage to build 30 new companies with solutions that will improve the way we live, do business and approach critical issues in governance, community and development. We invite you to join us or contact us with any questions, interests and partnership possibilities.

Here is a brief of the solutions and inventions/innovations that will be showcasing:


CladLight is a startup that presents a solution to increase visibility for motor bikes users day or night. This is achieved through wearable electronics on the ordinary reflective jacket require to be worn by every motorcycle rider. The initiative is a brain child of two brothers, Charles and Joseph Muchene. A steep rise in deaths as a result of road accidents involving bodaboda operators prompted the duo to come up with this ingenious idea to save lives.


KejaHunt is an online property-listing platform using geo-location technology that focuses on helping home seekers get a house to settle in and get the landlords a tenant to fill their vacant houses. KejaHunt saves you the home seeker the trouble of searching for that ideal house and also help you avoid loss to conmen.


SokoText is a social enterprise that operates in the slums of Nairobi. SokoText works with mama mbogas (small vegetable sellers) who supply majority of the fresh food that
is consumed by the residents of the slums. Mama mbogas spend a lot of time and money daily to get their stocks. They aim to solve this problem and make the system more efficient. SokoText does this using pre-order, aggregation and distribution based SMS based system.


A system to enable users to apply for licenses and permits on-line from the comfort of their home, office or nearest computer. Users register and apply for their permit, which is received by the sub county. The users receive any notifications via sms and email, so they’re always informed of the progress or any issues arising from their application. GoKibali makes applying for a license or permit from the Government less energy-draining, time-consuming, and also helps you avoid the long queues, not to mention the chance of being sent home for more documents, requiring applicants to begin the process all over again.

Swap Kitabu

Swap Kitabu is a web and mobile-based service that is aimed at helping ease the acquisition of reading material to the lower income earner. It’s also a solution that is connecting those who want to sell their books with those that are looking for the books.


GigWapi is an online social guide to fun, events, tickets and other stuff happening around. GigWapi events was founded as an event listing platform connecting event organizers to event goers while matching user to relevant events. They have developed exciting solutions that will make event planning more than pay-to-go-to affair for the organizers and the patrons based on technology.

Our next season of incubation will commence in June 2014.