Meet the Nailab Season 4 Startups

Nailab staff and Season 4 startups.

Nailab staff and Season 4 startups.


Its always an exciting time for us at Nailab to see new faces join the program every 6 months. This time round it is even more thrilling because we have 4 ladies joining the program, 4 cheers for the ladies.

This is the second batch that will be incubated under the ICT Authority contract from which we expect to have incubated 30 startups by 2016.

Here is to the beginning of a new journey filled with lots of lessons, fun, and awesome product evolutions with the Nailab Season 4 team.

Jam Town Avenue

This is a stock market simulation game that uses local artists as share options. The solution aims to simplify, entertain and educate the user on the stock trading options while at the same time enlighten them on current music trends.


A mobile solution aimed at assisting in early childhood education for children between the ages of 3-6 years using vowels, consonants and syllables to help expand their knowledge and mastery of both the English and Kiswahili language. The solution is built on all smart devices.

Link Us

This is an online investment agency that is geared at enlightening Kenyans abroad on local investment opportunities. This is guaranteed to help them harness more gains from the desired local ventures. They aim to achieve this by being a key resource centre where various investment options are aggregated on their portal.


Is an online fashion house that is set to give local fashion houses, designers and brands an international market charm. The e-commerce portal enlists prices and products made in Kenya, by Kenyans and will progressively be inclusive of the African fashion market. The solution will be revolutionary in how the world perceives and interacts with the Kenyan and overall African fashion market.