Nailab Season 5 Startups

2015 starts on a high note for the Nailab and we are excited to introduce our 5th batch of startups who commenced on Monday 12th program until end of June.

It is interesting to share that we have seen a maturity of the ideas that are now applying for the program and the need is not as strong on ideation as it is market penetration and scale.

The five startups are:

Byt: They are a startup looking to facilitate purchase of bitcoins by offering a purchase option using local mobile money platforms. Users also get a guide on where to use the bitcoins purchased

Tracopay: Developing a super smart card that uses NFC technology to facilitate retails transactions and is also set to enable bill payments, money transfer and online payments. The solution is set to redefine ease, speed and efficiency on transactions made using proprietary technology. Security is assured using a biometric lock system

Service line: Is creating a system that generates one toll free service line that helps consumers access emergency services and different businesses hotline services therefore eradicating the need for one to absorb a million numbers. In partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Small and Home Office businesses (SOHO’s) the system will offer more than just customer relations, it will help build customer experiences.

Ujirani: Is a mobile app that is set to digitise The Nyumba Kumi Initiative. The app will help connect neighbours within set neighbourhoods using a safe and controlled system. The app using geo-mapping will help identify the users neighbourhood and location. It will also give access to emergency services through their distress option.

Lipaplus: A startup developing a mobile POS system that is attached to an android phone and is designed for small-scale businesses to enable them access credit and debit card payments.


  • Have been in operation since 2011
  • Have seen more than 35 startups go through the program
  • Gives startups funding from Ksh 300,000 upwards
  • 16 startups out of the program are still in operation with 6 currently operating within profit margins
  • Have seen some of their startups get assimilated in other growth level accelerators with the most recent being card planet, now known as pay kind, who recently joined an accelerator in Silicon valley
  • Won a government contract in 2013 under the now authority ICTA, worth 1.6 million dollars to help create an incubation program roadmap and incubate 30 startups by 2016
  • This is the 3rd batch incubated under the contract