House of Fotography Magazine Launch

The Launch of the House of Fotography online magazine took place on the 16th April 2015 at The Nailab’s premises courtesy of The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). So apt was the launch that it was graced by the presence of the Cabinet Secretary to The Devolution and Planning Ministry, Ms. Anne Waiguru as well as the PS to the ministry, Mr. Konchellah O John.

It was a full house affair and all guests were so enthusiastic about the launch. Something that was apparent during the launch was the need to tell the African stories through photography. Dubbed the #AfricanPhoto, it was a platform to get an insight into what photography is like in Kenya and Africa by extension.

The founders of the #AfricanPhoto Magazine, Sharon and Teddy Mitchener took the house through the online edition of the magazine. To say it was exciting would be an understatement. The thrill and authenticity of the magazine took everyone in awe. In deed Africa is a very beautiful continent and photography is one effective way of exposing the beauty of the scenery that is Africa. We are on the threshold of taking the world by storm.

The Cabinet Secretary addressed several issues among them the freedom of photographers, the protection of their content (copyright), Etiquette in the use of internet, social media to be precise among other relevant issues.

Nailab’s CEO Mr. Sam Gichuru during the launch pointed out that Bonnie Chu, a young person he mentors caught his attention regards to photography. Bonnie Chu has economically empowered women by donating old cameras to them. As a result, these women are able to take photos of the scenery and sell them. There is an upward projection of their income from estimated $50 to $100 a month.

To access the magazine, log onto Yumbu and search “The African Photo Magazine”. We are seeing a lot more people starting to take charge of the lack in different industries to be able to propel the beauty that is the Kenyan Culture. This is an initiative that should have support from the Kenyan government as it will help propel the beauty that is the country.

Photography without a shadow of a doubt will take the African community far, ranging from economic empowerment which consequently will address the menace that is unemployment to changing the world view of Kenya and the African continent at large. Let’s tell the African story!