Nailab – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Nailab was yesterday nominated by the 1%Club team to take on the ALS Ice bucket challenge and take it on they did.

The ALS Ice bucket challenge is a campaign that has gone viral on social media world wide to help raise awareness to the disease, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The challenge started in Boston with the family and friends of Peter Frates, a 29 year old college athlete, who was recently diagnosed with the disease and has since taken the world by storm.

The challenge starts off by having the “challenged” take on the task to dump a bucket of ice on their head within 24hours of being challenged or donate 100 dollars to ALS. The “challenged” then nominates 3 other participants who accept the task and the cycle continues.

Nailab was challenged by the 1%Club team:

Despite the chilly weather in Nairobi the team accepted:

And now pass on the buck to: Larry MadowoTerryanne ChebetJuliani and Marlon Parker of Rlabs.

Less than 24 hours to go.