Love The Grind!

Starting a business is the first step, that’s the easy step. Now the grind begins.

Remember that first time you got behind a steering wheel? It was probably your Dad’s car, or your mum’s or a friend, close or distant relative; catch my drift?. Bottom line is, it probably wasn’t yours. A couple of years down the line, you find yourself in that familiar situation: staring at yourself in the rearview mirror with that same determined look you had that time way back when, when you were so sure of yourself. Now your hands are sweating, your heart is racing and you are not sure if your foot will kiss that brake pedal like your driving instructor taught you. You were groomed, tested and prepared for this moment… You need to show them what you are made of… What a load of pressure!!Many startups seem to have that same kind of mentality venturing out. Over the last two weeks, we have tried to shove you out the front door, teaching you to trust your instincts, and cherish your ideas. Now comes the time to put in some real Work! Don’t mind landing in a muddy puddle when you take your first leap, everything you do right now is a learning and stepping stone to getting better. Just .Shake. It. Off and #LoveTheGrind. Fear will be a constant in your journey towards success, not to say you should get comfortable with it, instead embrace it, use it! Let it help you #LoveTheGrind.Stay motivated! “The dream comes for free but the Grind is sold separately!” Author UnknownIt’s a journey of mixed emotions. You will find yourself, hopeful, planning, acting on a whim, learning and eventually growing. Remember, it’s an open road! The only obstacles you will face are those you tell yourself you can’t overcome. Only those who recognise vision will understand your #Grind…. #LoveTheGrind.

By Eunice Mutindi