Pray You Fail!

Why ‘Pray You Fail’?

Well, there is only one way to find out.

Reddit, AIRBNB, Uber, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates..the list goes on and on. They all have one thing in common: They failed! That’s probably not what comes to mind when you come across those names. You see, just like any Bollywood movie, the end is destined to be sweet no matter how long it takes.

Today, AIRBNB is valued at about $25.5 billion, a figure that probably grows every day. What they don’t tell you however, is that AIRBNB had been rejected 7 times by 7 different investors. Convinced? How about this then: Uber is valued at more than $50 billion dollars. In addition, Uber won the 2014 Crunchie for best overall startup. Once again, what they don’t tell you is that other than protests, accusations and even privacy complaints, Uber is the one company that has been daubed by lawsuits so much, it probably doesn’t startle them anymore.

You must be thinking to yourself, why would anyone pray for any of these things?

Well, it’s pretty simple: “Failure is Success if we Learn From It.”

Steve Jobs could have quit after being fired from his own company, Arianna Huffington could have dried out her pen after being rejected by 36 publishers heck Danson Muchemi could have logged out of that Cyber Cafe and we wouldn’t be talking about the success story that is Jambo Pay.

One thing is apparent, you will fail a few times and not even monday morning motivational quotes will save you unless you get up, learn from your failure and get back to the grind. That’s how winning is done.

Oh, and one last thing, success is a state of mind and the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out so buckle up, learn from every moment and #EmbraceTheGrind!