What You Probably Didn’t Know About Techsahara.

Here is what Abel Muhatia had to say about his work experience with Techsahara.

1. What does TechSahara do?

Techsahara is a digital news forum that channels out stories on technology, startups and business stories

in an authentic but entertaining and more analytical way. Entertaining to mean clear and easy to read

2. What inspires the stories you write about?

The desire to see everyone globally embracing positive information for the purpose of developing

themselves and the society using the same info

3. Why animations?

These are actually illustrations, not animations. Standing out and creating a centre of attention is a day

to day duty for many online news outlets, inclusive of the mainstream media. The illustrations are one of

our creative ways to stand out.

4. What do you like most about your job?

Freedom of expression! And secondly it’s educative. The fact that I learn about new disruptors and

developments close to everyday makes me feel like a genius! Oooh yes! I love how my boss stipulates

her managerial; communication and understanding skills .Its brilliant to say the least. She ensures that I

have a conducive working Environment hence no excuse not to deliver. This boosts my performance.

5. Why did you choose to go into business with your partner?

Team work is key in every business! I mean, one man jobs do not go far, why?? Because there is

limitation of new ideas, infact zero innovations. So my work colleagues help me think big, see ideas in a

different angle and fine tune my work! This helps us to become better every day.

6. What are his best qualities and what’s the one thing he does that just puts you off?

Whoooo…I dint see this coming…well, his stories are sooo creative and real… not that mine are not

(depending on the definition of creativity) but it’s just that. I salute him!

7. If Anonymous threatened to hack Tech Sahara today, *Queue Dramatic Music*

….what would you do?

Such has occurred before (not to us), and that hasn’t blocked the affected from working. So, on my side I

would still write stories and publish on social media! … I believe men are never shot of ideas to please a


8. If you only had access to three online Tech magazines, which ones would they be?

Wired Magazine

Technology Review

African Innovator Magazine

9. If you weren’t running Tech Sahara today, what would you be doing?

Probably be in the mainstream media where I came from. The rest is a story for another day.

Thank you

By Eunice Mutindi