Why Re-inventing Your Business Is A Good Idea.

To some, this may sound as a scary proposition. Take a second and look at it from our point of view.

We speak about failure all the time at the Nailab. About which companies, on a global and local scale, at some point on their journey failed to meet a particular objective. But we do not like to dwell on the misfortune as much as human nature seems to warrant. We even gave it a whole other name… here, we call it #failup. We realize failing once, twice, a million times is not the end of any business’ journey.

We refer to a company’s life as a journey a lot too. This is because to us, every business is on an adventure. We start out by creating a solution for a particular need in society. More often than not, society will either reject it or find fault in it. What does a good business mind like yours do in this situation? We go back to the drawing board, we find the leak, we fix it.

Fixing it is reinventing. Refusing to fail is reinventing. On this journey, this adventure, neither you nor your business make it 5 years the same way you started out. Look at Old Spice for example.

The signature Old Spice Logo that worked in 1966 faced an end of an era after losing ground in the young men’s deodorant/antiperspirant category. They realized that the grooming category was no longer sustained by product performance. There was a shift in their market that saw young men moving to “more expressive scents” They set out to create an emotional connection with their target market.

In 2006 Old Spice used Actor Bruce Campbell in an interactive campaign. Soon after, they approached the likes of Terry Crews and Will Ferrell and most popular Isaiah Mustafa, who was featured in the 2010 “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ads.

They continue to reinvent themselves: exploiting every possible opportunity and creative mind to realise their ultimate success.


Here is the thing, a successful reinvention happens only when you love your dream enough to believe that it can be better and serve society better. You started out with a single or multifaceted purpose. You either wanted to create solutions, opportunities or possibilities. So why let one thing that you can definitely overcome (because you can overcome) hold you back from achieving your goals? Set new ones! Set a goal to overcome these fails! Guess what you’ll be doing….. Reinventing! And by doing so, you join the likes of Old Spice, Mcdonald’s, Lego, Apple. Isn’t that a great list to be on?