THE KENYA ICT STARTUP LANDSCAPE By the Nailab Incubation Programme 2016

This document was prepared by the Nailab Incubation Lab. The quality of information, conclusions and recommendations contained herein are consistent with the level of effort involved in the support of services for undertaking Final Evaluation of the Kenya ICT based Incubation Program (KICTBIP) and are based on:

  1. Information Available at the time of its preparation.
  2. Data Supplied obtained from secondary sources
  3. The assumptions, conditions and qualifications set forth in this document.

The document is intended for use by the ICT authority and NAILAB subject to the terms and conditions of its contract with Lartec. Any other use of, or reliance on, this report by any third party without prior consent from the above client, is at that party’s sole risk.

Nailab Evaluation Report_3 Final copy_uS3WVeX.pdf