Jack Ma and Dr. Kituyi adopt baby Jumbo after a talk at Nailab

Short and sweet- that is the best way to describe the session at the Nailab with Jack Ma.  The room was filled to standing capacity as all were eager to listen to this small but great man who endured hardship, failure and rejection to become the 14th richest man in the world.

As appreciation to Jack Ma and Dr. Mukhisa Kitui ((Secretary General of UNCTAD) for his remarkable efforts to identify opportunities and create linkages for local entrepreneurs  to global markets, the Nailab fostered two elephants in their names . The orphaned elephants, fondly named Mbegu and Mteto (for Dr. Kituyi and Jack Ma respectively) came to be orphaned under difficult circumstances.   Mbegu was adopted at about 7 weeks and left behind after a stampede while Mteto was adopted at around 10 weeks and is suspected to be a poaching victim.  In due time, and when they are ready, they will be reintegrated back into the wild.

The choice of gift was to symbolize the role of nature in growing businesses- taking care of the little things and being able to appreciate where you are and keeping your eyes on where you want to be. Additionally, the Nailab wanted to draw some attention to the importance of  wildlife conservancy and the role of human interference in the rapid decline of the numbers of wild animals.

The two orphaned elephants are fostered from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Foundation for a period of one year with the donations being used for the upkeep of the elephants.