The Next Economy Program kicks off at Nailab

Nailab in partnership with SOS Kenya, AfriLabs, 1%Club Netherlands, Enviu, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SOS Netherlands yesterday rolled out “The Next Economy” program in Nairobi, Kenya. The program is geared towards supporting young people from all walks of life in creating sustainable income generating activities, through direct job creation and entrepreneurship activities for young people. The program is anchored on SDG’s goal 8 that seeks to contribute to creation and growth of decent work and economic development through encouragement of entrepreneurship and enhancement of employability skills in a bid to reduce poverty and achieving full productive employment and work opportunities for women and men by 2030.

The program which has 2 main pillars, will focus on basic life skills training and transfer of useful employability skills to increase young people’s chances of getting employment through the “Make it work and get started pillar”. It will also support early stage startups and entrepreneurs through one on one support, coaching and crowdfunding for the businesses through the “Grow your business pillar.”

Training kicked off yesterday for 150 young people, who were selected from among 702 applicants. The trainees will for the next six months undertake three main sessions that is core life skills training, entrepreneurship training and employability training. For the first three months, the trainees will undertake core life skills training. Thereafter they will be divided into two groups, with thirty percent (30%) undertaking entrepreneurship training with Nailab while seventy percent (70%) shall undertake the employability training with SoS Children’s Villages for the consecutive three months.

During the orientation, Ms. Anne Marie Ojunga – Ochieng the Strengthening Programme Manager at SoS Children’s Villages Kenya emphasized on the need for young people to care for Africa which is a rich continent with diverse resources and culture.

“Demonstrate to other young people that it is possible for young people to move the economy in this continent” she reiterated

The uniqueness of this six month programme shall extend far beyond the training period.  After the entrepreneurship training, the entrepreneurs will participate in a crowdfunding boot camp where they will learn how to fundraise for capital online and then have capital raising campaigns running for a month for them to get startup capital. Whereas after the employability training which will focus on job placement readiness, the participants will be attached to internship or job opportunities.

Sam Gichuru; C.E.O Nailab also kept the crowd both entertained and encouraged when he highlighted his humble beginnings and shared one of his greatest lessons, “ Small moments define you, it is not about how well you can do something, it is about how courageous it is for you to step up and do it, it is that simple”

Some memorable tips shared with the trainees during orientation were:

  1. When you are given an opportunity, go the extra mile to learn as much as you can.
  2. Always commit, it is the first step in any success story.
  3. Learn to follow simple instructions.
  4. Embrace teamwork, it is an avenue for learning.

The day ended with the trainees eager to begin the program.

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Mario Andretti