Open Fridays at Nailab

We would like to introduce to you our Open Friday concept that has been inspired by the numerous requests  from various entrepreneurs seeking assistance and advice on how to start or grow the business they are working on. The open Friday program is running under the umbrella theme of “ If you want to start- come to Nailab”.  The sessions are keen on connecting different business men and women that have inventive or innovative value addition services or products and who are keen on sharing knowledge and also creating a network of individuals that are of like minds. The open Friday sessions integrates 3 unique events that participants can plug into:

Pitch Friday (10:00 am to 12:00 pm)

An intimate 2-hour pitching and feedback session for 10 entrepreneurs that kicks off the day at 10:00 am to midday. The session also takes the entrepreneurs through an entrepreneurship masterclass that helps them learn and understand their solution in alignment to the perceived problem their customers are facing. Join this session

Entrepreneur book club (2:00 pm to 4:00 pm)

This is a session that is for those entrepreneurs that are keen on exploring already tried models and incorporating key learning elements in their businesses. The book club picks a business focused book whose concept they analyze and interrogate and align with their business know how. The books also help them improve their business skills and performance. To join sign this session one must start off with the pitch Friday.

Refresh Friday (5:00 pm onward)

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Refresh allows for the different participants to loosen their ties and kick off their shoes and just get to network in a fun environment. The session kicks off at 5:00 pm with different themes running every week with the underlying agenda being “fun and business”. You can be part of the fun through

If you know someone who has a great idea(s), wants to meet like minded people, is keen on exploring ways of doing business better or just wants objective and genuine feedback to improve his/ her way of doing and looking at business, then share this with them, as it is open to all.