Our Programs

Nailab has 2 core options for programs through which a startup can benefit from for incubation/ acceleration. Its core incubation program is a standard program that runs through out the year. However due to the need for specialized incubation programs, the incubator has also developed programs with different partnerships.

The Nailab incubation program is a 6-month program that is split into two:

We Are looking For Startups!

To be eligible to apply for the program a startup must:

  • co-founders


    A team of 2-3 co-founders

  • idea


    What problem are you trying to solve?

  • Solution


    What is your solution to this problem?

Applications opening soon!

Training Videos

Incubation training content videos The videos will be categorized in subjects.

  • Meet Nailab’s Start-ups 2011 – January 2015

  • Networking video

  • Season 5 First public pitching experience

  • Season 5 Startups

  • Changing Kenya One Startup at a Time – Sematime

  • Changing Kenya One Startup at a Time – Cladlight

  • Changing Kenya One Startup at a Time – KejaHunt

  • Pitching Practise Sessions

  • Meet Our Season 4 Troop


What is business incubation?

Business incubation is the process of helping new and young businesses grow and prosper by offering essential resources and services that the entrepreneur needs to develop and refine their idea into a commercial vehicle.

What process do I need to go through to get incubated at the Nailab?

1.) Apply for incubation on the Nailab application portal
2.) If successful with the initial application, you will be expected to make a physical presentation to a panel of judges
3.) Following a heavy vetting process, the successful applicants are invited to join the program

Who qualifies for incubation?

Any entrepreneur with a viable business solution that is using technology as a basis.

What are some of the elements that are considered for a successful entry?

· Clear and viable business idea
· Clear knowledge of your market
· Clear understanding of your competitive landscape
· Presence of a prototype
· Demonstration of a strong team

How long do I have to wait before I can know if I am successful?

The process of application takes a total of 4 months. This is split into 3 months of applications acceptance and 1 month of applications vetting and selection.

How long is each program?

Each incubation program takes a total of 6 months broken down in phases:
1.) Initial 3 months are heavy on product development and business refinement.
2.) Final 3 months are heavier on product push to the market with enhanced
3.) effort on fostering strategic partnerships

What support services do I receive while in the program?

· Business development training
· Product development
· Mentorship
· Co-creation/Entrepreneur interaction opportunities
· Office space
· Shared facilities

Is the program offered at a cost?

Joining the program is absolutely free. Once in the program a legal partnership is drawn up in which share options are discussed.

Over time, we realise the need to develop specialized acceleration programs that are supported by different organizations. The programs focus on specific organizational or community challenges with a bid to develop sustained solutions that will ease access to core services and products that improve the value of life.

Our Specialized Programs

  • The I Am campaign is a UNFPA funded that calls on the youth to talk, learn and understand sexual reproductive health in an environment that they is safe and un-stigmatized.

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  • Innovate for Life is an active call by Amref Health Africa to innovative teams across the globe in preparation for the Africa Health Agenda International Conference. The call rallies innovators to participate in a two-day start-up hackathon in Nairobi, Kenya on March 7 and 8, 2017, with the purpose of developing solutions that respond to the significant challenges faced by mothers and infants across the continent. The solutions will seek to reduce the high rates of maternal and newborn deaths in Africa.

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